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SoundWear Companion speaker
Bose SoundWear Companion speaker

Hands free. Ears free.

780.00 лв.


With some wearables, it\\\\\\\'s fashion before function. Not in this case. Every part of this speaker is meticulously engineered for better sound. But even a ground-breaking product can benefit from a proven technology—like our waveguide technology. So we used two 28-centimetre waveguides to pump out what other wearable speakers don\\\\\\\'t—deep, rich sound.




Put them on. Walk around. Take a call or ask Siri a question. This speaker gives you freedom from your devices and keeps you closer to your surroundings at the same time.


It\\\\\\\'s interesting, when you look back on it. Stereo speakers that reproduced more sound from the back of the speaker than the front. Compact, single-speaker stereo systems that replaced stacks of equipment. Noise cancelling headphones that changed just about everything. These are just a few of the breakthroughs we\\\\\\\'ve introduced in our long history of innovation. Until you tried one of these, you likely couldn\\\\\\\'t have known how much of a difference it would make. And that\\\\\\\'s why we push—to make products that make your life better in ways you can\\\\\\\'t imagine.

The SoundWear Companion speaker is just the latest example. Try it—then try to imagine a day without it.


Twist tested.

We designed the technology that delivers so much bass to bend with the neckband. And used special materials like a bend-and-stay steel wire encased in medical-grade silicone that has just the right amount of low-spring torsion to stay form-fitted to your shoulders. You\\\\\\\'ll find it\\\\\\\'s so comfortable all day long, you may forget you\\\\\\\'re wearing it.


Swappable. Stretchable. Durable.

The speaker isn\\\\\\\'t the only thing we obsessed over. Ourcustom designed covers are acoustically transparent, so nothing gets in the way of the sound. Static free so your hair and clothing don\\\\\\\'t cling to it. And it\\\\\\\'s stretchable four ways, so it fits the speaker snugly. Your speaker includes a Black cover. Other optional colours available are Heather Grey, Midnight Blue and Dark Plum.


Bose Connect app

Control your SoundWear speaker\\\\\\\'s Bluetooth connections and manage bass adjustments easily through the Bose Connect app. The app also provides product tips and lets you personalise your settings, so you can make them all yours.

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