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201® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system
Bose 201® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system
  • Realistic, spacious sound similar to a live performance
  • Use with stereo or home cinema components for balanced audio in smaller rooms
  • Trim bookshelf speaker design blends into most décors
  • Optional accessories available for additional placement options
660.00 лв.

Room-filling performance from a trim, versatile design. The Bose® 201® Direct/Reflecting® speaker system is designed for use as home stereo speakers in smaller rooms, or as home cinema speakers with your component surround sound system.

201® stereo speakers use proprietary Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology to create a listening experience similar to a live performance. Concert hall audiences hear a mix of reflected and direct sound arriving from different directions and at different times. Innovative Bose® Direct/Reflecting® speaker technology recreates this audio experience by reflecting sound off your walls and other flat surfaces.

Instead of concentrating the stereo effects into a single sweet spot, our Stereo Everywhere® speaker performance delivers full stereo sound throughout the listening area. You ll enjoy realistic, spacious performance almost anywhere in the room, no matter where you sit or stand.

One of our best speaker options for study or office, these trim Bose® bookshelf speakers are also versatile. Use with your stereo components, or connect them to your home cinema system as front or rear channel surround sound speakers.

Lifestyle® system owners can also use Bose® 201® Direct/Reflecting® stereo speakers with an SA-3 amplifier to listen to Bose quality sound from their system in another room. With Bose® link, it s simple and easy to enjoy music in one room while family members watch a movie in another-at the same time, from the same system.

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