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Wireless speakers
SoundTouch Wi-Fi music systems
SoundTouch® 20 Series III wireless music system 850.00 лв.   
  • Play music throughout your home easily and wirelessly
  • Sets up and connects to your home Wi-Fi® in minutes
  • Powerful app transforms your phone into your music remote control
  • Add SoundTouch® systems to play the same music throughout, or different music in different rooms
  • Bluetooth® connectivity for even more music options
  • Rate your music (thumbs up or down buttons) as you listen
Wireless speakers
SoundLink® Color Bluetooth® speaker II 330.00 лв.   


SoundLink Micro Bluetooth speaker 290.00 лв.   

It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing—hiking, biking, cooking dinner or hanging out. You need music. We designed a speaker that keeps pace with all of your adventures and delivers unmatched sound for its size. The SoundLink Micro speaker is small, but powerful. Super rugged and waterproof. It features a tear-resistant silicone strap—so you can take it along wherever you go. Because, when a speaker this small sounds this good, you’ll never want to leave it behind.

Computer speakers
Companion® 20 multimedia speaker system 550.00 лв.   
  • Enjoy full, natural sound at your computer – or across the room – from our best two-piece system
  • Sleek, space-saving design complements your computer and eliminates need for a dedicated bass module
  • TrueSpace® technology reproduces wide, natural sound from only two speakers, bringing more life to music, games and videos
  • Unique control pod makes it easy to adjust or mute volume, connect headphones and add another audio device
Companion® 2 multimedia speaker system 215.00 лв.   
  • Our most affordable computer speaker system puts Bose sound within reach
  • A performance upgrade over most conventional computer speakers
  • Contemporary, elegant appearance
  • Dual inputs for easy connection to computer and additional audio sources
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