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SoundTouch Accessories
SoundTouch® Wireless Link adapter 350.00 лв.   
  • Gives you easy access to wireless music through your existing speakers, such as a stereo system, home cinema system or docking speaker
  • Uses your home Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth devices for easy access to your favourite music
  • Easily expands with other SoundTouch speakers to stream music throughout your home
  • Easy setup and all necessary cables are provided
  • SoundTouch app puts you in full control of your music through your phone or tablet
SoundLink® Wireless
SoundLink® Mini travel bag 105.00 лв.   

The travel bag serves as a protective case for the SoundLink® Mini speaker. It lets you transport the speaker conveniently from place to place, so you can enjoy your SoundLink® Mini speaker on the road. Please note the power clip will have to be removed and stored outside of the travel bag.

Lifestyle® system
SoundLink® Wireless
SoundLink® Mini soft cover 55.00 лв.   

Additional cover allows you to customise the appearance of your SoundLink® Mini speaker while providing added protection for the aluminum body from scratches or abrasions.

Lifestyle® system
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