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SoundTouch Accessories
SoundTouch™ wireless adapter for CineMate® systems 220.00 лв.   
  • Compatible with CineMate® 520, 130, 220 and 120 home cinema systems
  • Straightforward set up with free SoundTouch™ app for your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Powerful control with the SoundTouch™ app
  • Six personalised presets for streaming your favourite music at the touch of a button
  • Works with your existing home Wi-Fi® network
SoundTouch™ SA-4 amplifier 1,050.00 лв.   
  • Easily connects to your choice of speakers for powerful sound anywhere around your home—even outdoors
  • Bose proprietary signal processing enables full, rich lows at nearly all listening levels
  • Wireless access via your home Wi-Fi® network for Internet radio, music services like Deezer™ and Spotify®, and your music library
  • Premium remote control lets you use presets, control volume, skip, pause and power on/off with the touch of a button


  • SoundTouch™ SA-4 amplifier is compatible with a variety of speakers.
SoundTouch® SA-5 amplifier 1,090.00 лв.   
  • 100W per channel amplifier connects wirelessly to your home Wi-Fi® network
  • Add more SoundTouch® systems to stream music throughout your home, or different music in different room
  • SoundTouch® app transforms your phone or tablet into a powerful remote that keeps you in control of your music
  • Press one of six presets in the app and your favourite music is playing
  • Three aux inputs to connect non-streaming sources, such as a CD player
SoundLink® Wireless
SoundDock® Portable and SoundLink® car charger 70.00 лв.   
  • Charges from the standard 12V power outlet commonly found in cars, trucks and RVs
  • Lets you simultaneously play music and charge the system battery
  • Fits conveniently in a vehicle\'s glove compartment
SoundLink® Mini car charger 115.00 лв.   
  • Charges from the standard 12V power outlet commonly found in cars, trucks and RVs
  • Lets you simultaneously use the speaker to play music and charge the speaker battery
SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III charging cradle 70.00 лв.   

Now you can listen to your music as long as you like with the SoundLink® Bluetooth® speaker III charging cradle. Because your speaker charges while it plays. Just plug the wall charger that’s included with your speaker into an outlet, and the other end into the cradle. The cradle is solid and designed to stay in place. Put your SoundLink® III speaker on top, so it’s charged and ready to go whenever you are.

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